Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Destroying the Cradle of Humanity

Ears deafened and rendered useless
the shrieking sounds are testaments to an empty stomach, hunger pangs that come as tsunamis,
a metaphoric wonder
smashing a nation into the dust from which we arose, to which we will return

let the napalm gel torch your lieing skin
your lieing grin
your denial that what you sow and reap is sin

the vile filth that spills forth from your disloyal jaw bones
a facial apparatus that has emboldened you
it has raped and pillaged the poor
dying of thirst, the wraith of grapes laid upon our tables
the innocent arabs you slay in the name of charubs
propped up idealogical pharohes

still in dispair
the criminality is still in the air
a leader that speaks truth is still rare
till enough blood is spilled bare

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