Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

The blackwater gets murkier yet



State Dept. Intercedes in Blackwater Probe

“A House panel reveals a letter telling the firm not to disclose information about its Iraq operations without the administration’s OK.”

“WASHINGTON – The State Department has interceded in a congressional investigation of Blackwater USA, the private security firm accused of killing Iraqi civilians last week, ordering the company not to disclose information about its Iraq operations without approval from the Bush administration, according to documents revealed Tuesday.”

Wow, just when I thought hell had frozen over, and the more nefarious aspects of private mercenary contracts were going to be revealed, the white house rushes in to save the day. Forget all those silly expired political notions such as “checks and balances“, “congressional oversight” and “justice”. The prescence of blackwater mercenaries in Iraq has been discussed for some time, but now the state department has convinced me there is some filthy laundry rolling around in the deserts of mesopotamia. As george carlin once put it: ” I have learned to believe exactly the opposite of what my government tells me”, not a bad strategy, not at all. When this administration rushes in to put the “hush puppy” treatment on something, im intrigued as to what it is. Grow a nutsack you spineless congressional motherfuckers, do YOUR FUCKING DUTY TO THE COUNTRY.

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