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Paul “Revolution”rally draws 800

Paul “Revolution”rally draws 800

“Even a half hour after Ron Paul’s “Revolution” rally ended in downtown Manchester, there was a crowd larger than other candidates could only hope to draw. The campaign estimated that as many as 800 people showed up as the Texas congressman kicked off a canvassing effort in New Hampshire’s three largest cities.”

I can only fantasize about how paralyzed with fear the elites who run our country are right now, with this lunatic fringe, evil “isolationist” ideology-pusher with an agenda that isn’t filled with beating and torturing prisoners to death, destroying the middle class, running our debt through the fucking center of the earth, and one honest and decent man who isn’t salivating to kill more brown people in the desert. Sit and chew on that for about an hour. Rinse, repeat. What?!? this guy wants to be the president and wont promise to personally murder ackmandijab? Fuck that!

Yeah right, hes fucking evil! Ron Paul is soooooooo evil, hes going to abolish government petprojects, destroy the irs, and refuse to sacrifice blood for an empire? Damn, what a vicious prick.

Once again, a man prevails that isn’t completely corrupted by the political system, and is portrayed AS the only corrupt man, that doesn’t have a twinkies chance at weight watchers of winning. And once again I will praise, and continue to praise the one man who really can save our country.


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