Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

The Baghdad Butchers and the Apologetic Administration

State Dept Sets new rules for blackwater in iraq
” Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ordered new security procedures Friday for American diplomatic convoys in Iraq amid continuing repercussions over the shooting of Iraqi civilians by employees of the Blackwater USA security company.”

It was also broadcast on the radio today that Blackwater will not be leaving Iraq, they will just have state-administered hall monitors to provide oversight. EXACTLY as I predicted. Blackwater is not leaving. And we know why blackwater isnt leaving. This should be seen as concrete evidence that Iraqi law and Iraqi sovereignty DO NOT EXIST. The iraqi parliment has already ORDERED Blackwater to leave the country within 6 months. And you can see how this has been ignored. The state department probe is the only one that matters, and the best they could muster was fucking video cameras on hummers. Congratulations Blackwater, you get a free pass to keep murdering innocent humans in the name of cold, hard cash. Just study the language used here:
“With Blackwater and other private contractors in Iraq facing tighter scrutiny, the House of Representatives on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a bill that would bring all United States government contractors in the Iraq war zone under the jurisdiction of American criminal law. The measure would require the FBI to investigate any allegations of wrongdoing.”
[Our own congress has already PASSED a bill that would bring Blackwater under U.S jurisdiction. But wait, lets look at the numbers: ]

“The bill was approved 389 to 30, despite strong opposition from the White House. It came as lawmakers and human rights groups are using the Sept. 16 shooting by Blackwater personnel in Baghdad to highlight the many contractors operating in Iraq who have apparently been unaccountable to American military or civilian laws and outside the reach of the Iraqi judicial system.”

“Apparently”????? Blackwater has “apparently” been unaccountable to american or iraqi law?? WRONG. Ask P. Bremer the Baghdad viceroy how he swung that peice of fucking work: “Shortly after the occupation of Iraq in 2003, the U.S. administrator, L. Paul Bremer, issued a decree granting immunity to U.S. military and civilian personnel from prosecution for crimes in Iraqi courts.”

Why does the white house refuse to grant the most minute justice to the people of Iraq at every single turn??? This is a blatant saliva-thrusted assault in the face of liberty, freedom, equality, and justice. Blackwater under no rule of law could, can, and will continue to kill with total and utter impunity. Our values have been perverted, and this administration has proven itself to be no better than terrorists we dictate as the enemy.


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