Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

The only war i believe in

The only war i am interested in waging is a war against the utter hypocrisy and criminality of the government running the united states. National security is the most important goal for states to pursue. You CANNOT have a state unless your power is consolidated and secure. Judging by the recent testimony of various generals(including patraeus), the wars waged in our name against Iraq and Afghanistan have not made the world any safer. The number of terrorists worldwide has increased, they are being more radicalized by the minute, and our fucking borders are wide open. The attacks of september 11th never would’ve happened if the FBI was allowed to do its job and pursue the possible terrorists that were training to fly airplanes IN OUR COUNTRY. There would never be another attack if we built a great wall of America and shut the rest of the world out. Immigration is fine: LEGAL immigration. If the united states government is in any way serious about protecting the homeland, a beautiful place to start would be Ensuring that no terrorists can EVER return to our country.

There you go cowboy plutocrat draft dodging piece of shit, sit and chew on that, and then realize that your national security doesn’t fucking exist.


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